Graduate school of Science and Technology for Future Life Department of Architecture

Combining professional capabilities with rich cultural experience, we awaken the drive and individuality of creative architects and engineers.

Future of architecture: education at the vanguard

Amid more advanced information communications, globalization, and rapid aging of populations, mankind’s ability to achieve sustainable coexistence with the finite ecosystem is a monumental challenge facing nations around the world. Combining professionalism with rich cultural experience, the Graduate School of Science and Technology for Future Life, Department of Architecture gives students the creativity and professional skills they need—whether in design, engineering, or research—to go out into the world and face these critical issues.

Curriculum Framework

The curriculum supports two basic courses of study: spatial design for students with keen sensibility who are looking for training in creative architectural engineering, and engineering design for students who want to apply sound logic to meet the challenges of future technology. The curriculum thus gives students a broad understanding of general architectural design principals at both research and practical levels, yet is flexible enough that it can be tailored to the individual needs of students.
Each laboratory offers a research course for exploring professional challenges and a studio course centered around design.

Space Design Course

The Space Design Course offers students an opportunity to study the history of architecture from the remote past to the present, reflect on how urban spaces should be laid out, investigate the design of architectural spaces of the future, and build models that embody those spaces.

Engineering Design Course

The Engineering Design Course focuses on the performance of buildings and other structures in natural and built-up social environments for sustainability, then models buildings and structural designs to assess their practicality.